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Dating with Clarity

  • 4707 Southwest Kelly Avenue Portland, OR, 97239 United States (map)

Step One: Where have you been?

  • Problem: If you don't know what irks you about past relationships, you will bring the same stuff to current or future relationships.
  • Solution: Know thy hot buttons, relational patterns, past positioning.
  • Benefits: Able to stay clear and calm in the face of conflict.
  • Tools: Genogram, Individual History Assessment 

Step Two: Where do you want to go?

  • Problem: If you don't know what you want (i.e. goals, values, desires), it's easy to get lost, distracted and waste energy.
  • Solution: Know what you value, share your goals, and make steps to create your vision.
  • Benefits: You have motivation and a plan to build healthy partnerships.
  • Tools: Goal setting, Action Plans

Step Three: Is it me?

  • Problem: If you don't know where you stand, you can easily be pulled in the wrong direction.
  • Solution: Personal management - skill building on reading thoughts, your emotions, and when to take a break.
  • Tools: Our brain on stress - how to know when your mind is offline and how to reboot.

Step Four: Where is the line?

  • Problem: If you don't know where your line in, you will be frustrated, wounded and/or hopeless in your relationships.
  • Solution: Identify what works for you, share, and hold onto yourself when push back happens.
  • Tools: Drama Triangle, Anger Indication, Burnt Out Factor

Step Five: Where are pits?

  • Problem: If you don't know where the landmines are you can set off a bomb.
  • Solution: Plan for, and understand, where extra care will be taken.
  • Tools: Relationship Stages, 5 F's, Projection

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