The Roles We Play
9:00 am09:00

The Roles We Play

  • 4707 SW Kelly ave 97239 United States

Want better relationships at home, work, or school? Ready to have productive conversation instead of going around in circles? This workshop teaches participants about drama triangles and how to live a more drama free life.

  • What is a drama triangle: How interactions can be roles that lead nowhere great. 
  • How to Recognize Our Roles and Part in Drama Triangles
  • How to Recognize Others' Roles and Part in Drama Triangles
  • How to Decline Drama Invitations
  • Alternative Roles and Behaviors for Empowerment

To register, email Sarah at Cost is $95/individuals or $180/per couple.

Making Sense of the Senses
11:00 am11:00

Making Sense of the Senses

A workshop designed to help parents, teachers and caregivers learn how to address different brain challenges occurring in children including sensory integration, ADHD, and anxiety. Topics include:

  • What the difference between each of these challenges in the brain.
  • Assessment tools. What to look for and ask about.

  • Strategies, sensory tools, and environmental accommodations.

$95 per person. To registar, please email Sarah at

Thriving With Teen
9:00 am09:00

Thriving With Teen

  • 4707 Southwest Kelly Avenue Portland, OR, 97239 United States

This is a straightforward class designed to help parents improve their relationship and overall interactions with their teens. Below is a list of topics we will cover including tools and strategies for each:

  • Getting through - How to communicate without lectures, yelling, or empty threats.
  • Accountability - What can be done to hold our teens responsible for their behaviors while helping them learn to grow from mistakes.
  • Power struggles - How to address the battle of the wills.
  • Fair fighting - How to address issues and concerns in a way that improves learning and connection instead of burning bridges or being closed out.
  • Ghosts from our past - How our past can haunt us particularly when are kids become teens.
  • Support - What it looks like and what it isn't.

To register, email Sarah at Cost is $150. 

Dating with Clarity
9:30 am09:30

Dating with Clarity

  • 4707 Southwest Kelly Avenue Portland, OR, 97239 United States

Step One: Where have you been?

  • Problem: If you don't know what irks you about past relationships, you will bring the same stuff to current or future relationships.
  • Solution: Know thy hot buttons, relational patterns, past positioning.
  • Benefits: Able to stay clear and calm in the face of conflict.
  • Tools: Genogram, Individual History Assessment 

Step Two: Where do you want to go?

  • Problem: If you don't know what you want (i.e. goals, values, desires), it's easy to get lost, distracted and waste energy.
  • Solution: Know what you value, share your goals, and make steps to create your vision.
  • Benefits: You have motivation and a plan to build healthy partnerships.
  • Tools: Goal setting, Action Plans

Step Three: Is it me?

  • Problem: If you don't know where you stand, you can easily be pulled in the wrong direction.
  • Solution: Personal management - skill building on reading thoughts, your emotions, and when to take a break.
  • Tools: Our brain on stress - how to know when your mind is offline and how to reboot.

Step Four: Where is the line?

  • Problem: If you don't know where your line in, you will be frustrated, wounded and/or hopeless in your relationships.
  • Solution: Identify what works for you, share, and hold onto yourself when push back happens.
  • Tools: Drama Triangle, Anger Indication, Burnt Out Factor

Step Five: Where are pits?

  • Problem: If you don't know where the landmines are you can set off a bomb.
  • Solution: Plan for, and understand, where extra care will be taken.
  • Tools: Relationship Stages, 5 F's, Projection

For registration, email Sarah at Cost is $185

Relationship Tune-Up
11:00 am11:00

Relationship Tune-Up

  • 4707 Southwest Kelly Avenue Portland, OR, 97239 United States

A 5-step workshop designed to teach committed couples how to take their relationship further. Build on your partnership for yourself and your relationship. Know how to connect, communicate, and navigate challenges. Toolkit includes:

  1. Genogram - mapping of partners, relationships, and unique history.
  2. The Couple Brain – how committed relationships affect us. Strategies to keep the primitive brain from taking over in conflict.
  3. Personality - Know you and your partner better.
  4. Hot Spots and Warning Signs -
    1. Drama triangle
    2. F's in relationships - finances, family, fun, friends, and sex (or the other f word)
    3. Gottman four horseman
  5. Boundaries – Learn the differences between passive, assertive and aggressive

To registar, please email Sarah at