Professional Coach

Holistic approach to providing support and creating steps for success. Topics can vary from session to session, all while providing an avenue to explore and clearly define your goals. As your coach, I ask thought provoking questions to aid you in identifying obstacles and bringing about desired changes.

Separation or Divorce Coach/Consultant

As your coach, I guide you through the dissolution process while helping look at options through a clearer lens. Our work focuses on managing emotions, strategies for meetings (with your soon-to-be-ex, attorneys, and/or mediators); action plans to set yourself up for success during and after divorce. Coaching can help you find better solutions, minimize the impact on your children, and save you money.

A good fit for individuals:

  • Considering separation or divorce

  • In the divorce process

  • Dealing with co-parenting issues

Parent Coach/Consultant

Parent Coaching is a partnership for growing your parent-child relationship. Our time is spent finding practical solutions for parenting challenges. We’ll sort through conflicting advice and minimize information overload while creating a plan to bring sustainable, positive change to your household.

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